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Neighborhood Concerned About Shootings

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A recent rash of possibly related shooting incidents which have left one man dead and two females with serious injuries, have sparked neighborhood concerns in residential areas located in north Opelousas.

Residents living off North Railroad Avenue gathered Monday evening in a take back the neighborhood event to express their feelings connected to the gunfire which has poured into homes on Plaisance and Westwego streets and pounded another on Garland Avenue.

Elected officials joined with those living in the areas where the violence has occurred and spoke about remaining vigilant and allowing city police officers to investigate and interrogate suspected individuals about the gun-related actions which began early Sunday morning.

Opelousas Police have indicated in separate press releases that investigators are asking the public for assistance to help determine the identity of the suspects and other information about the alleged crimes.

According to city police, the shootings which occurred during a 36-hour period beginning at 3 a.m. in the 1400 block of Plaisance, are apparently related.

A press release issued Monday by Opelousas City Police indicated that the shootings are also probably “related in some degree.” Police at this point are attributing the gunfire to what they say are “groups engaging in inflammatory exchanges which suggest the shootings might be retaliatory.”

Police in the press releases have also stated that they have developed persons of interest that could be related to the shootings and are questioning all parties that they think might be connected to the gunfire.

OPD responded to a homicide which occurred around 3 a.m. Sunday on Plaisance Street. In addition to finding a male with fatal wounds, police also discovered a female at the residence with serious injuries. 

Further investigation determined that several rounds were discharged into the residence that was occupied by six individuals.

A later shooting in the 900 block of Garland Avenue determined following a police investigation that one female was in serious condition after she was struck by gunfire while lying in bed.

On Monday at 5:30 a.m., houses in the 200 block of Westwego Street were struck by a large number of rounds.

There is evidence, according to police that one house was hit 19 times by bullets.