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St. Landry Grand Jury Hands Down Indictments

A St. Landry Parish Grand Jury reviewed a murder case Thursday and returned indictments against three defendants stemming from the shooting deaths of a 4 year old girl and of an adult victim. The shooting happened on Mia Street in Opelousas on April 27, 2022 which resulted in the deaths of the 4 year old and of Alton James Thomas an adult.

Davieontray Breaux, Felton Martin James and Holly Roberts were each indicted with two (2) counts of First Degree Murder and three (3) counts of Attempted First Degree Murder.

The shooting stemmed from a domestic disturbance earlier in the day. According to investigators Holly Roberts had been involved in an argument with her next door neighbor, the mother of the deceased child. Later in the evening Breaux and James met Roberts at her apartment. The two men proceeded to the residence next door and after a verbal exchange began firing on the occupants, killing Mr.

Thomas and the child. Three additional juveniles were injured also. All three defendants will be arraigned in July.

District Attorney Chad Pitre says this crime scene has left a mental scar on investigating officers and on his prosecution team. “Anytime a young child is a murder victim it’s difficult to deal with.” Opelousas Police Department is investigating this matter.