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Women of Opelousas – Effie Dimmick Hollier

This week, on Thursday, March 16th the Opelousas Woman’s Club is holding a celebration for National Women’s History Month, a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. One of those who did just that in Opelousas was Effie Dimmick Hollier, the first president of the Opelousas Woman’s Club. This is her story.

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Mayor Alsandor Presents Opelousas Woman’s Club A Proclaimation For National Women’s History Month

Mayor Julius Alsandor presented members of the Opelousas Woman’s Club with a Proclamation for National Women’s History Month and acknowledging the contributions that OWC has made in our the history of our community. Pictured Left to right: Sylvia Chauvin, Sarah Branton, Diane Gallagher, Mayor Alsandor, Wanda Juneau, Susan Litton. (Submitted Photograph.)

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Photo from the Past – Young Ladies in Opelousas at Turn of 20th Century

CAROLA LILLIE HARTLEYPublisher and Contributing Writer This photograph from a publication around the turn of the 20th century, shows five popular young women in Opelousas at that time. In the photo is Mamie Lastrapes, center; Ada Sandoz, top right; Olympia Laas, top left; Mattye Curtis, bottom left; and Lucille Lacombe, bottom right.

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Remembering Enola Prudhomme Prather

Enola Prudhomme, the daughter of Eli Prudhomme and Hazel Reed Prudhomme, was born in St. Landry Parish on January 1, 1932. The date of her birth was a sign of the things Enola would do during her life. She was a go-getter, and a starter. Just as January 1, 1932 was the beginning of a new year, the birth of Enola Prudhomme on that date was the beginning of a new chapter in the culinary history of Opelousas and St. Landry Parish.

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David Sweatt and Family, Traveling in Wagon Pulled from Texas to Louisiana, Stop in Opelousas for Baby’s Birth in 1938

73-year-old David Sweatt, a carpenter from Brownsville, Texas, with daughter walking at his side, is shown pulling their wagon loaded with his wife and other four children on c. May 9, 1938. The family is pictured as they leave Opelousas following a ten day stay in town while Mrs. Sweatt gave birth to a baby daughter.