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Opelousas Business and Merchants Organizations – Over the Years

Following the US Civil War, the merchants and businessmen of Opelousas started to discuss the possibility of organizing for promotional purposes. Although earlier groups were formed over the years before the war, they eventually dispersed because of the war. By the 1870 decade the town was rebuilding, and new businesses were opening. At that time some of the local merchants began to organize, and several groups were started, but with not much success until the 1890s.

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The Opera Houses of Old Opelousas – Part Four. The Opera House That Never Was

We know Opelousas had an opera house as early as the 1830s, with the first being called the Opelousas Varieties. There was also the Opelousas Opera House, Perrodin’s Hall, Littell’s Opera House and the Sandoz Opera House. But there was a plan for another opera house that would have outdone all the rest. Unfortunately, it never got built. Read the story of the Opera House That Never Was.

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Memorial Remembering Ovide Belizaire and an Unknown Individual Scheduled

At 10 a.m., on Saturday, August 13, 2022 a memorial remembers the life of Ovide Belizaire, who was murdered in his Youngsville area home in 1895 by a white mob. In addition, a yet unidentified man, recognized as having suffered death by lynching in 1878 in the neighborhood of Royville, today known as Youngsville, will also be remembered.

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The Opera Houses of Old Opelousas – Part Three

It was a magical time in Opelousas. A time when there were opera houses in the city. We learned about some of the earliest Opera Houses of old Opelousas, the ones that operated during that century. In Part two we left our story as the 1800s was coming to an end, and Opelousas was moving into a new century. Part Three continues the story of the Opera Houses of Old Opelousas.

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The Opera Houses of Old Opelousas – Part One

From its humble beginning in the 1700s, Opelousas provided different forms of entertainment for its citizens. In the early days one could find musical performances and other forms of entertainment at ball rooms in the local hotels, at social halls located on the second floor of downtown business places and even local homes.

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Journey Back In Time to Explore The Old Gibbs Corner

Ever wonder as you ride through Opelousas what it must have been like one hundred or even two hundred years ago? This story will bring you back in time and show the changes made to just one corner in old Opelousas over its centuries of existence. Let’s explore the corner of Bellevue and Court streets, originally known as the old Gibbs Corner.

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A Place Called Toby’s

One of the city’s historic landmarks was recently lost when a fire destroyed Toby’s, also known as Toby’s Little Lodge in Opelousas. Toby’s started operating on the Sunset Road to the south of Opelousas as a restaurant in the 1950s. For four decades it had a reputation as being one of the best restaurants in the Opelousas area, serving some of the most delicious foods. But there is so much more to Toby’s story.