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LAFAYETTE, LA – Acadiana Center for the Arts’ Comedy Club series brings nationally
recognized stand-up comedians to Lafayette this year through a new partnership with
Lafayette Comedy, thanks to support from Dr. Jay Culotta, who sponsors the series.

Rich Vos takes the stage this week at AcA (101 Vermilion St) on Thursday, April 13; Jimmie
Walker appears on May 18; and Michael Winslow, on October 5. Tickets are available for all
Comedy Club shows online at or by calling the AcA box office
at 337-233-7060. Tickets begin at just $20 for all Comedy Club shows.

Lafayette Comedy has been presenting both touring and local stand up comedians for
more than a decade at venues around town like The Wurst Biergarten and Club 337 at the
DoubleTree Hotel. This partnership with AcA expands Lafayette Comedy’s reach, featuring
bigger-name comedians and popular entertainers from across the country at the intimate
venue in Downtown Lafayette.

“We all need a laugh, and this partnership lets us bring the artform of Comedy to Lafayette
with more variety and reach—not just late-night entertainers,” says Samuel Oliver,
Executive Director of the Acadiana Center for the Arts, which hosts the series.

“The AcA’s theater is virtually built for comedy—there’s no bad seat in the house. It lets you
really feel the electricity of each performer as they engage with the audience in such an
intimate setting,” says Oliver.

Rich Vos – Thursday, April 13, 7:30pm
Rich Vos’ has four specials on Comedy Central and over 100 television appearances. He has been
seen on HBO, HBO Max, Netflix, Showtime and Starz. Rich also produced and starred in the
documentary “Women Aren’t Funny”, appeared in Judd Apatows “King of Staten Island.”
He’s a two time writer for the Academy Awards. Rich hosted Woodstock 99, The Virus Tour, and the
Washington Monument Drug Awareness Concert. Vos can be heard on numerous top podcasts such
as WTF with Marc Maron, The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joe Diaz, and The Joe Rogan

Along with wife Bonnie McFarlane, Rich has a hit podcast “My Wife Hates Me” that looks inside the
marriage and day to day life of the two comics. Rich has also been clean and sober for 35 years,
leading to performances at countless 12 Step Conventions. He has 6 albums in rotation onSirius XM.
He has the best Roast in the history of Roasts on YouTube vosroast.

Jimmie Walker – Thursday, May 18, 7:30pm
Rising from the streets of New York’s ghettos to television superstardom, Jimmie Walker personifies
the great American success story. His catch phrase “Dyn-o-mite!” is part of the modern vernacular,
and he became such a major celebrity in the 1970’s that Time Magazine named him “Comedian of
the Decade.”

Although the demands of being on a hit television show and starring in movies such as “Let’s Do It
Again” with Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier took up most of his time, Jimmie never lost his love for
performing stand-up and was named Time Magazine’s “Comedian Of The Decade” for the 1970’s.
His keen eye for talent also led him to employ such young writers as David Letterman, Jay Leno,
Byron Allen, Louie Anderson, Robert Schimmel, Ralphie May, Richard Jeni, and many others to work
on his writing staff over the years.

Even after the historically successful run of “Good Times” ended, Jimmie continued to stay in the
limelight as seen by his countless appearances on “The Tonight Show,” “Late Night with David
Letterman,” “Merv Griffin,” and “The Mike Douglas Show.” He’s also kept his acting skills sharp with
guest appearances on “Everybody Hates Chris,” “The George Lopez Show,” and “Scrubs” and classic
movies “Airplane” and “Let’s Do It Again” with Sidney Poitier as well as finding time to write a New
York Times best-selling book, two Grammy Nominated Comedy Albums and film an up-coming
stand-up special.

Michael Winslow – Thursday, October 5, 7:30pm
An actor, comedian and beatboxer, Michael Winslow is billed as The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects for
his ability to make realistic sounds using only his voice. He is best known for his roles in all seven
Police Academy films as Larvell Jones.

Michael’s quest for hilarity began in Boulder, Colorado at a club known as Tulagi’s, famous for its legendary acts such as Tommy Bolin, The Doors, and even Jimi Hendrix himself!

This connection with Jimi would continue throughout Mike’s career as he would open for Italian Rock
Fusion Band “Nova”, with a rendition of Purple Haze that was nothing short of magic, no one can
imitate a guitar with just their voice quite like him. His vocal talent was apparent, but Michael
wanted to take it further and start a career as a professional entertainer.

Michael hit the road with just the clothes on his back and a dream, taking Venice Beach by storm. He
auditioned for just about any act he could find, and his hard work came to fruition when he
auditioned for the Gong Show hosted by Chuck Barris. From the earnings he made from that gig he
was finally able to purchase a car to perform at even more clubs. It was at the Evening at the Improv
Club, owned by Bud Friedman, in which he would become a household name in Los Angeles.

It was in 1984 where Michael would get his big break from Director Hugh Wilson and Producer Paul
Manslanski, creators of the cult classic Police Academy, as they saw his talent first hand at the Long
Beach Theater. They saw the raw talent that Mike brought to the table and immediately wrote him
into the script, paving his way for a career in cinema, also taking a role in Mel Brooks’ Space Balls!
While his talent on screen is apparent, he is also a skilled voice actor appearing in commercials for
companies such as Geico, but also hit television series such as Family Guy and Robot Chicken. Mike’s
versatility really allows him to play any voice role.

Michael is a true master of his craft, an artist. He can recreate any sound known to man and more,
limited only by his imagination, making him a must see entertainment staple which keeps him quite
busy. He has recently finished up a comedy special on the Starz Network with Jimmy Walker, but he
also runs a podcast where you can hear he his unique takes on life and comedy known as the Noize

Mike’s next big projects involve various animated shows with large network interest, as well as
variety shows in Vegas! You won’t want to miss out on any of these surefire classics.

About AcA
Founded in 1975, the Acadiana Center for the Arts (“AcA”) is a community-supported
regional arts council that fosters art and culture in South Louisiana.

Rooted in a cultural community that has made its mark on the world through food, music,
and art, AcA aims to ensure that this living culture flourishes for generations to come.

AcA aims to bring equitable access to the arts through intensive residency work in schools
and supports fair compensation of artists. On average, AcA serves over 300,000 people
annually and provides fair compensation to 2,700 artists.

AcA supports the creation of new works of art, exhibits, festivals, performances, and public
art across an eight-parish region that includes Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St.
Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, and Vermilion Parishes.