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Photograph: District Judge Ledricka Thierry and Pride Doran (Photograph by Bobby Ardoin)

Attorneys representing firms from St. Landry and adjoining parishes convened in Opelousas Thursday night for a fund-raising social reception to assist State District Judge Ledrick Thierry with retiring her campaign debt.

The event held downtown at Arpeggio’s was sponsored by at least eight law firms, which according to an informational flier advertisement posted on social media, sought tier contributions ranging from $2,500 to $250.

Opelousas attorney Pride Doran, a law firm partner with Quincy Cawthorne, said the event was unusual since attorneys from several neighboring parishes were represented and indicated they would assist with funding the campaign costs for Thierry’s successful campaign two years ago.

“The attorneys are the individuals that deal the most with judges, so it is considered appropriate for (attorneys) to help with financing a campaign and retiring any debts she has resulting from her election,” Doran said in a St. Landry Parish Now interview.

Doran said judges like other candidates need assistance with campaign financing.

“I don’t think anyone would expect  (Thierry) to bear the burden of election costs alone,” Doran added.

During a presentation before the attorneys, elected officials and representatives from the Opelousas business community, Doran said the gathering of legal communities was something to be celebrated.

“It’s really encouraging to see such a diverse group of attorneys who are (at Arpeggios) and showing support for our public servant from the 27th Judicial District,” said Doran.

Doran said Thierry’s performance as a district judge has been appreciated.

“I think all of us feel that (Thierry) has been doing a good job and we would like to say thank you for looking out for us,” Doran said.

Thierry told those in attendance that judges are similar to other candidates seeking public offices.

“We have (campaign) expenses like anyone else and like the other candidates we all have to retire that debt,” Thierry said.

The district court in St. Landry, said Thierry,  has often been a level where elected judges eventually moved on to elected higher court positions.

“Many (judges) here have gone on to do other things in the legal sector,” Thierry said.

Thierry said the gathering was perhaps the first of its kind in St. Landry and something that could be replicated.

“What we are doing is something different, since this is a social as well as a fund-raiser. I think we really have a great atmosphere with everyone who is in attendance,” said Thierry.  

Ledricka Thierry speaks with Naomi Henry and Kourtney Bencon (Photograph by Bobby Ardoin)