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Several groups partnered together along with Madison Thierry to host an Autism Awareness Brunch on Tuesday at the Yambilee Building for World Autism Awareness Day.

The community event served as an opportunity for the public to hear from representatives and local organizations that provide valuable resources for parents, caregivers and educators about children and adults who are on the spectrum. It was also an opportunity to spotlight and recognize the individuals in our community who advocate for acceptance and support the special needs of those who are on the Autism spectrum.

If you missed this event, there will another opportunity to show your support with an Autism Awareness Bicycle Ride presented by Madison Thierry on April 19th. Participants can arrive at 5:30pm to depart from Opelousas City Hall’s parking lot. For additional information on this event and how to participate contact Charles Johnson at 225-933-7737.

Courtney Jennings, Contributing Writer/Editor