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Are you thinking about finding a new hobby? If so, you might want to consider bird watching, or as some call it “Birding”. Did you know that over 16 million people now consider bird watching as one of their hobbies? It has become a popular pastime for men and women of all ages.  Seems bird watching has become the new thing to get involved with as a hobby.

According to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in 2021, the following is a description of those who participate in Birding: “An individual who has taken a trip one mile or more from home for the primary purpose of observing birds and/or closely observe or try to identify birds around the home.” If you identify as a Birdie, there are apps for smartphones and other technology available today that makes bird watching easier and more accessible.

As bird watching in the United States has become more and more popular, it’s made it’s way to Louisiana and St. Landry Parish. The St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission recently published a brochure to help guide you as you head outside to find the birds of St. Landry Parish. You can get a copy of the Birds of St. Landry by stopping by the St. Landry Parish Tourism office on I-49 North, or you can download a digital copy at: .