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Editor and Contributing Writer

Photograph: Bobby Ardoin

St. Landry Now (SLN) has received a generous operational donation from a longtime friend who is helping with the operation of the on-line newspaper.

Scott Cary, who graduated from The Academy of The Immaculate Conception with SLN business partners Fred Herpin and Bobby Ardoin, has donated a practically new Nikon camera to the paper.

The D2X Nikon in pristine condition is the second camera that Cary, who now lives in a suburb of Portland, OR. has donated to the publication which launched operations officially in February. Cary has also donated a Nikon D1X that will be used shortly by the online publication that now has attracted 46,000 users since its inception.

“This was such a thoughtful gift that was given to our publication. I can’t thank Scott enough for what he has done for us as we continue to make strides that will enable us to make local news a priority. Freddie our photographer is a veteran newspaper photographer who loves his work and the people of Opelousas love the work that he does. Getting this additional camera will really help Freddie do his job more easily. Donating a beautiful camera to us is such a big help for us,” said SLN publisher Carola Lillie Hartley

Cary worked for the NIKE Corporation for many years and has lived with his wife Eleanor and their two children in the Portland area for many years. Cary was a classmate of Bobby Ardoin and Freddie Herpin. All three graduated from AIC in 1966.