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Local non-profit organization formed as Heaven’s Kitchen introduces guest chef for their first Annual Spring Dinner fundraising event.

Head Chef of BLAQ89 Catering, Chef Donavon Lewis will be the featured guest chef at Heaven’s Kitchen’s upcoming dinner sale. Originally from Opelousas, Chef Lewis launched BLAQ89 South’s catering company just 2 years ago, which is focused on creating unique dishes that merge South Louisiana’s cultural cuisine with others.

Chef Lewis has been honing his culinary skills for the past decade serving up his delicious cuisine for special occasions and numerous corporate and benefit events.

While Chef Lewis did not initially plan to become a chef, he fell in love with cooking while working as a pastry chef on an offshore rig. After catering for a group of visiting Swedish workers and receiving rave reviews, he became passionate about exploring food’s role in cultural identity. Chef Lewis has since made it his mission to create culturally relevant and tasty meals by researching traditional dishes from various cultures and incorporating feedback from individuals with diverse backgrounds.

He is thrilled to be the first guest chef ever selected by Heaven’s Kitchen, recognizing the significant impact this opportunity will have on the Opelousas community. Chef Lewis was inspired to participate in the event after working with Seth Robin many years ago at Benny’s Supermarket, where he had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Keith and learning about his passion for cooking and helping others.

“God gave me a talent to cook, and I want to use that talent to support the mission of Heaven’s Kitchen. Mr. Keith’s legacy and personality inspired me. You learn more about people sometimes based on how people speak about you. And I heard how selflessly he gave of his time and work. He was a man of humility, a man of character, and compassion for others. I’m not doing this for recognition but to honor
him and do something that he did and for the same reason. If you give something that you can’t get back it can hold more value. Time is something that you give and can’t get back. But having the opportunity to be in the moment and devote the time to see something succeed and grow is rewarding.” stated Lewis on Heaven’s Kitchen social media page.

Chef Lewis will be preparing Crawfish Étouffée for the upcoming Spring Heavens Kitchen Dinner Sale on March 17th. Tickets for the event can be purchased online at or in person until March 4th!

The board of directors at Heaven’s Kitchen is grateful for Chef Lewis’s dedication to this event.