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Photograph: Cheryl Milburn the Registrar of Voters who is retiring by July 22. (Photograph by Freddie Herpin.)

The St. Landry Parish Council is preparing to advertise soon for a new Registrar of Voters.

Cheryl Milburn, who became the current Registrar in 2014, told Council members on Wednesday night that she plans to retire effective July 22.

Although the Council is expected to advertise for the ROV position during the next few weeks and possibly conduct subsequent candidate interviews, Milburn told the Council she is recommending current Chief Deputy Lauren Jones as her successor.

Jones has been Chief Deputy since Milburn was selected as Registrar in 2014.

Council Attorney Garrett Duplechain said he will start researching the procedure for making the Registrar appointment and apprise the Council of the selection guidelines at the regular meeting scheduled later in June.

Parish President Jessie Bellard said the Secretary of State in 2021 issued new parameters for the selections of parish Registrars.

Bellard said he doesn’t plan to be involved in the Registrar selection process since that duty belongs to the Council.

“I plan to follow guidelines of the Secretary of State on how the (Registrar) position will be filled,” Bellard said.

The number of days remaining before Milburn is scheduled to retire will probably end before the Council takes all the steps necessary to select a new Registrar, Bellard said.

That impending issue means someone else will be needed to provide the necessary  ROV public services until the Council chooses a new Registrar, Duplechain added.

In a letter given by Milburn to Council members and obtained by St. Landry Now Wednesday night, Milburn wrote that she and Jones have worked together for 18 years.

“Lauren is honest, dependable and a hard worker. She has a good rapport with her co-workers,” wrote Milburn.

Jones told the Council that she is confident about handling the position of Registrar.

“I have learned everything about the office. It would be an honor to work with (the Council) and the parish and move this parish forward,” Jones said.

In a separate letter provided to the Council on Wednesday night, Milburn said she has worked in the ROV Office for 45 years.