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It seems people today are interested in history and stories of the past. Images from the past tell us a lot about our history and prints from the past provide a snapshot about the people who lived that history. Unfortunately, many of the historic photographs found in family, public and private collections are not identified. There is an ongoing national movement to help identify historic photos and tell their stories of who it is, what building it is, and where it is located.

In this new series of articles, St. Landry Now will publish unidentified historic photographs from the local area, together with information we know from words scribbled on the back, or the name of the photographer. With any luck our readers will be able to identify them. If so, we hope to connect these photo images to family members or others who may have knowledge about them and share their stories in our newspaper’s Photos of the Past. If you have nameless photographs from the past and would like to have help getting them identified, please contact St. Landry Now.

Where is This? Who are these people?

This photograph was taken many years ago in Opelousas. Please help to identify where this is, and who the people are. (Tommy Lafleur Photo Collection)

This photograph is from the Tommy Lafleur Collection. We know it is a home somewhere in Opelousas. The house, location and the people pictured in this photograph need to be identified. If you know anything about this house, or the people in the photo, please contact or call 337-451-0568.