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On June 11, 2024, former Grand Coteau Police Chief Jeffery Guilbeau was
convicted of three felony charges in connection with his employment with the City of
Grand Coteau, in St. Landry Parish. Mr. Guilbeau was arrested for distribution of
marijuana, theft, obstruction and malfeasance on July 13, 2023, after he took marijuana
seized as evidence and gave it to a female. District Attorney Chad Pitre explained the
importance of the case, “holding public officials accountable for their wrongdoing is key
to restoring the people’s faith in all of us that have the privilege of serving as a public
official.” District Attorney Pitre noted that he was pleased that Mr. Guilbeau took
responsibility for his wrongful acts and plead guilty to two counts of Malfeasance in
Office and one count of Obstruction of Justice. In connection with his plea of guilt, Mr.
Guilbeau was sentenced to two years at hard labor, suspended, with one-year active
supervised probation. Mr. Guilbeau has undergone psychiatric evaluation and will
continue treatment, and as a convicted felon he will no longer be able to work in law