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An estimated crowd of over 200 celebrated the religious journey of 2021 Opelousas Catholic graduate Michael Darbonne, who was the featured guest of the annual Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus seminarian banquet on Saturday night.

Sponsored by Jules B. Jenmard General Assembly Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus at the Our Lady Queen of Angels Church Hall, the event is ordinarily designed to provide financial assistance for Acadiana-area seminarians.

Darbonne recently completed the first of a projected eight years of formation with the The Holy Eucharist brothers located in Lincoln, Neb.

The brothers in the Holy Eucharist order are devoted to Eucharistic devotion and the sacraments, Darbonne explained.

Darbonne, now called Brother Andre Marie of St. Joseph by his religious order founded in 1998, is not intended to develop classroom teachers. 

According to their website, the Holy Eucharist brothers live a life of poverty, chastity and obedience along with observing the gospels in the spirit of St. Francis.

Darbonne said becoming a vested member of the order involves eight years of classes and preparation for a life that includes engaging communities and giving talks about attempting to live in ways that reflect the theology associated with the Eucharist.

His advice to individuals seeking religious guidance and facing problems is to pray to St. Joseph, Darbonne said.

Darbonne was surrounded at the event by his parents Bonnie and Dale Darbonne of Washington, La. and about 20 other family members.

Fathers Michael Vidrine and Jude Thierry spoke during the event.

Thierry and Vidrine each urged those attending to pray often for religious vocations.  

Vidrine also described the difference between the concepts of holiness and a moral life.

Persons are capable of living moral lives, Vidrine said, but holiness is obtained only after establishing a special relationship with Jesus.

Having a consistent contact with God, attending mass and partaking in the Eucharistic sacrament are the avenues that normally lead persons in achieving holiness, Vidrine pointed out.