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St. Landry Parish Government Responds to Concerns of Animal Cruelty, Arrest Made

OPELOUSAS, LA – St. Landry Parish Government was alerted by concerned citizens regarding potential cases of animal cruelty in the vicinity of Canal Lane in Opelousas. Responding to these reports, investigators Spencer Cornette and Mark Kidder conducted an on-site investigation, which resulted in the arrest of Gordon Miller.

Upon arrival at the location, investigators discovered cattle behind Miller’s residence in a severely malnourished state, devoid of grass, feed, or hay. Two cattle had already perished due to neglect, and three dogs were found to be in a distressing condition.

During the investigation, Miller claimed that he had arrangements for hay delivery, which investigators promptly verified. However, upon contacting the alleged hay supplier, it became apparent that no such agreement existed, with the individual expressing a refusal to engage in any dealings with Miller.

When Miller was questioned about his alleged failure to provide essential sustenance, Miller remarked that the maintenance of his house’s roof took precedence over the welfare of living animals.

In light of these violations of animal welfare standards, Gordon Miller was apprehended on February 1, 2024, and now faces fourteen charges of animal cruelty. As part of the enforcement action, all animals were promptly seized from the property.