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A veil of uncertainty currently surrounds the proposed 40-unit Crestview Apartment development that St. Landry Parish government thinks might be headed for construction on property adjacent to the Yambilee grounds on U.S. 190.

As Wednesday’s regular Parish Council meeting approaches, parish administrators and council members are apparently still unsure the name of the persons interested in creating the housing development or whether the complex will accommodate low income residents or those who are employed.

Those questions and others attached to the issue were discussed at the Jan. 6 Public Works Committee meeting where parish economic development director Bill Rodier attempted to answer questions about the projected development which might be located several hundred yards outside the city limits west of Opelousas.

Representatives from the Crestview Apartment development were not at the Committee meeting.

Rodier told the Committee the developers who have identified themselves as Rowanok Development, Inc., have contacted the Council and his office in order to apply for a 9 percent parish wide tax credit.

“The company is from Mississippi and looking to do a housing complex here. I have not seen the site plan. I don’t know what the project looks like,” Rodier told the Committee.

Rodier said he is still unsure whether the project will eventually become connected with the Louisiana Work Force Commission, which means Crestview residents would have to show proof of employment, or whether the tenants will apply for housing vouchers in order to pay their rent.

Parish President Jessie Bellard said that he is against assigning additional low income housing to parish property.

“We have enough of that in our parish. I want to help people get out of low income. I am all for housing for people to get to the next level and this is not what (Crestview) is according to the e-mails (from the company) that I have seen,” said Bellard.

Bellard added that he is also concerned about locating apartments next to the Yambilee grounds where there are rodeos, concerts and agriculturally-related functions.

“You think we have trouble now, we will have more trouble about people complaining about the noise next door,” Bellard said.