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Patrick Jenkins, superintendent of St. Landry Parish School District (SLPSD), has

been named the 2023 Louisiana Superintendent of the Year by the Louisiana Association of School

Superintendents. This program is designed to recognize the outstanding leadership of active, front-line

superintendents. Nominees are judged on the following criteria: – Leadership for Learning,

communication, professionalism and community involvement.

The award was presented Thursday (December 1, 2022) during the Louisiana Association of

School Superintendents (LASS) Conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “I am so honored and

humbled to have been chosen as Louisiana’s Superintendent of the Year,” said Mr. Jenkins, who

has been superintendent of the SLPSD for 6 years. Serving as superintendent in St. Landry

Parish is a dream fulfilled. St. Landry Parish is the root of my origins. I was raised there and

went to school there. This place has a special place in my heart, and I have a strong desire to see

the educational successes we can bring about here. I am immensely proud of the work we have

done and the turnaround we have created for the kids and community that we serve. I am acutely

aware that I have the privilege of receiving this award based on the incredibly hard work of

everyone in and around our dynamic district. Thank you to my supportive family, the

outstanding SLPSD team, and to LASS for this once-in-a-lifetime honor.”

A panel of his peers selected Mr. Jenkins for Louisiana Superintendent of the Year based on the

significant turnaround he facilitated in SLPSD, a district of about 13,000 students. When he was

hired in 2016, the rural district was in a financial crisis, had extremely limited technology, and

had a very limited list of student opportunities. After making significant budget cuts, Mr.

Jenkins led a successful reformative process that put the district on solid financial footing and

paved the way for implementing numerous improvements. He established a pathway for

providing more opportunities for the students of St. Landry Parish through educational initiatives

and program offerings, developed numerous partnerships, and developed a strategic plan to

ensure a goal-oriented track forward. He also improved both internal and external

communication and strengthened accountability and support for educational leaders in the district. His accomplishments include:

● Scored 85B on 2018 Formula – This is up from a 71.7C in 2017 on the old formula (Growth

of 13.3 points, most growth in Louisiana)

● Implemented Augmented Virtual Reality Technology (Z Space ) in St Landry Parish

● Acquired, implemented, and expanded Head Start and Early Head Start programs for the

past four (4) years

● Increased Head Start and PreK (Early Learning) academic performance

● Created a District strategic plan and made significant progress in all areas of the 5 year

Strategic Plan

● Provided access to AP Courses

● Increased qualifying scores on AP exams by 4.2 percentage points

● Expanded Academic Dual Enrollment to 9th through a partnership with LSUA

● Initiated and completed a cost-savings analysis for SLPSB finances

● Balanced the SLPSD Budget for the past 5 years

● Improved social-emotional supports for students by adopting the Leader in

Me program, expanding the district’s counseling department, and

implementing policies and procedures focused on diversity, equity and


● Increased district and school communication with the implementation of a

district app

● First in the state to partner with SLCC to create a Collegiate Technical

Academy and to have students graduate from Collegiate Technical Academy

with technical degrees

● Increased the number of credentials earned by all students in SLPS

● Exceeded the state average for the number of seniors earning Basic or

Advanced IBCs by 7.2%

● Exceeded the state average for the number of seniors earning Advanced

IBCs by 11.7%

● Purchased Tier 1 Curriculum in Math, ELA, and Science

● Celebrated a Blue Ribbon School in 2022, 1 of only 7 in Louisiana

● Worked with Career & Tech Supervisor to increase course offerings in

science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

● Increases the graduation rate from 66.6% in 2016-17 to 81.4% in 2021-2022.

● Increased the graduation rate for African American students from 61% in

2016 to 83.4% in 2022. to surpass the state by 3.7%

● Increased the graduation rate for economically disadvantaged students to

78.9% in 2022, surpassing the state in this area

● Increased the graduation rate for students with disabilities to 73.2% in 2022,

surpassing the state by 1.9%

● Established partnerships with South Louisiana Community College,

Louisiana State University at Eunice, Northwestern College, Acadiana

Center for the Arts, Louisiana State University at Alexandria

● Created a Virtual Summer Enrichment Academy district-wide for Grades K-12

● Integrated and expanded Arts Programs through a partnership with Acadiana Center for the


● Implemented the Leader In Me (LIM) program in seventeen (17) schools in St. Landry


● Increased Integration of technology throughout the district and purchased additional

hardware and software programs to address the rapid growth in educational technology


● Balanced the SLPSD budget for the past five (5) years and increased its fund balance by 16

million dollars over that period

● Partnered with Oxford and Reach universities to provide a pathway for employees to

become teachers

● Established Superintendent Leadership Councils to increase stakeholder

engagement and input

● Implemented a new educational leader evaluation system through the

National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) Leadership Series to

empower principals to advance instructional excellence and equity.

● Initiated the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) that focused on

growing successful AP programs that SLPSD previously did not have

available to students

In addition to leading St. Landry Parish School District, Mr. Jenkins is a national speaker,

presenter, and award winner. He is passionate about education, which is evident in all that he

does, including his professional contributions in numerous settings, which include:

● Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS) 2023 Superintendent of the Year

● Southwest Louisiana Superintendent of the Year 2022

● One Acadiana – 55 By 25 Accelerator Award

● Louisiana Association of School Superintendents (LASS) – President

● Louisiana Department of Education Superintendents’ Advisory Council (SAC) – Chairman

2022 -2023

● US Delegation to Korea: Education Leaders & Innovators National Tour July 2022

● Space District of Distinction: Visionary Leader in Education award for its use of

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Career and Technical Education

● The National Association of University Women – St Landry Parish Branch – Black History

Hall of Fame Recipient

● St. Landry Parish United Way Community Impact Award Recipient

● Imagine Learning Forum presenter, Provo, Utah: Journey to Superintendent: A Discussion

about Leadership Development

● University of Louisiana at Lafayette / United Way of Acadiana Education Summit:

Superintendent Panelist

● Louisiana Educators of Color Collective (LECC) presenter: A Discussion about Leadership


● Louisiana School Boards Association(LSBA) Level Up League: Future Superintendents

Presenter: Superintendent and Board Relationships

● Centenary College of Louisianan Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panelist

Mr. Michael Faulk, executive director of LASS, described Mr. Jenkins as a dynamic leader and

passionate educator who cares deeply about improving students’ lives in St. Landry Parish

School District and elevating public education nationwide. “The Louisiana Association of

School Superintendents is pleased to announce the selection of Superintendent Patrick Jenkins of

St. Landry Parish as the Louisiana Superintendent of the Year. Superintendent Jenkins has

provided vital leadership for superintendents across the state and has been involved in national

and foreign initiatives,” says Faulk.