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Featured Photograph: Photo of a deconstructed house that was thrown down Spatz Rd. in Eunice, LA. (Courtesy of St. Landry Parish Government)

Press Release

St. Landry roads have been littered with trash, tires, and general waste for years. Not only can littering cause traffic accidents and block waterways, it is also illegal. We are fully prepared to prosecute to the fullest extent for any violator. 

Recently, waste has been becoming a large issue. When Public Works is notified of litter on any parish road, they are sent out immediately. This stops any work that is being done on roads or drainage. Also, if public works is unable to remove the waste, Parish Government has to contract out a company to remove the waste which costs thousands of dollars.

In the last month, our public works crew has cleaned out over 200 tires on various parish roads. Amongst tires are furniture, large appliances, and trash bags filled with various waste.

In a Facebook live from Tuesday, Parish President Jessie Bellard displayed a trailer home that was torn down, and all of the remains were dumped down Spatz Rd. in Eunice, LA. The violators were reported to LA Wildlife and Fisheries and will be prosecuted. 

Parish President Jessie Bellard issued a warning to future violators that Parish Government has installed cameras throughout the parish. Any and all littering that is caught will be reported and prosecuted to the fullest extent. Any violator that is caught can incur a $500 fine and possible jail time.

For more information contact Layne Herpin, Public Relations Officer / OEP
Office: 337-948-3688 Ext. 1712

 A parish machine picking up tires from Maddie Rd. (Courtesy of St. Landry Parish Government.)