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Mayor Julius Alsandor officially announces his re-election campaign for the City of Opelousas.
Opelousas, Louisiana –Serving as the current Mayor of Opelousas–and former Alderman of
District A—Mayor Julius Alsandor believes that he has the 14 years of proven experience,
unwavering devotion, and integrity that is necessary to keep Opelousas proactive and
“The momentum is strong, and together we can continue to move our city in the right direction,”
said Mayor Alsandor.“With numerous projects completed, allocated funds acquired, and more
infrastructure improvements underway—now is not the time to take our foot off the gas. Now is
the time to build upon the foundation and improvements we’ve made. I have vowed to continue
the city’s infrastructure improvements and, without question, continue be fiscally responsible
and transparent throughout this term and beyond.”
“Almost four years ago, I hit the ground running as soon as I was elected as mayor. I, along with
the city council, faced an uphill battle: limited funds, a maligned sewer plant system, muchneeded improvements to be made with our water plant and system, road and line issues that
seemed to go unaddressed, and many unforeseen expenses,” said Mayor Alsandor.
“Three years later, we now are in the process of improving our Wastewater Treatment Facility
and wastewater pump stations utilizing over $4 million in grant funds and $800,000.00 in city
matching funds. Other on-going projects include a water meter replacement program, and water
system improvements. We have applied for numerous other grants and loans totaling over $50
million to address the city’s aging water and sewer systems to eliminate the excessive number of
water leaks and sewer overflows. To date, we have procured over $8.6 million in grant funds to
address the city’s infrastructure needs. We also anticipate being awarded additional grants funds
totaling over $5 million in the coming months,” said Mayor Alsandor.
During his term as mayor–together, with the city council and city engineers—Mayor Alsandor
also composed a road priority list that the allocated funds received were used to address roads
and streets in each of the 5 city districts. Of the 11 road projects implemented, five are in
progress and seven road/street projects have been improved/completed.

Mayor Alsandor continued, “In 2019, you trusted and elected me to lead and manage our
beloved city. Today, I humbly ask for your continued trust and support again. Though issues
have been addressed and improvements have been made, there is still work to be done—and I
know together we can do it. Opelousas, let’s continue the progress.”