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The Road to Whevever by John Ed Bradley

By December 12, 2021December 23rd, 2021No Comments
The Road to Wherever by John Ed Bradley

The latest book by Opelousas native John Ed Bradley titled The Road to Wherever came out in May 2021. This is John Ed’s ninth book. Having read his other books, I wanted to read this one as well.

The Road to Wherever by John Ed Bradley

After seeing the book is about an eleven year boy who goes on a road trip with two of his father’s eccentric cousins to fix old Ford cars, I wasn’t sure if the book would hold my interest. The book arrived a few days ago and shortly after I started reading it, it only took a short time to know that yes, this book would hold my interest.

The book was an enjoyable read for me. I will be getting a copy of it for my teenage grandson for Christmas as it is a great book for middle school children; it was a great book for me to read!

The eleven year old, Henry Ball, Jr (June), was forced by his mother to go on the road trip due to her not having a babysitter (nor could afford one) for him for the summer. Henry Sr had left them several months ago due to having PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). What June learns from his cousins and the people he meets on the road trip helps him know himself as well as learns about fixing cars.

More about the book can be found at MacMilan Publishers >>

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John Ed Bradley
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