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Opelousas’ Famed 1912 Baseball Club:  The featured photo from the past for today shown the members of the 1912 Opelousas Baseball Club.

This was a very popular team during that time. As old timers in Opelousas said over the years, A. E. “Toby” Veltin was a star pitcher for the Opelousas team and was often called one of the greatest baseball pitchers in local baseball history. With Veltin as pitcher, the 1912 baseball team was known to be one of the best in Southwest Louisiana during that year. Some reports state Toby turned down major league baseball scouts on many occasions because he did not want to make a career of the sport. He had other ideas for his career.

Left to right on the front row in the photograph are: John Brown, Charles Dejean, Jeff Aycock, Leo Dejean. Second row: Charles Nix Thompson, Allen “Pete” Dezauche, unknown, Sidney “Soapy” Dejean. Rear row: A. E. “Toby” Veltin, unknown, Armand Dejean, George Bienvenu and George Dejean.  Toby Veltin was the star pitcher, and Charles Thompson and John Brown were infielders. Arman Dejean was first baseman, Leo and George Dejean were outfielders, Soapy Dejean and Charles Thompson were infielders. Charles Dejean was a catcher.