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Photograph: Submitted photographs by Law for Paws
(Port Barre, LA) – Founded in December 2015 by dedicated employee-based volunteers of the Port Barre Police Department, Law for Paws has been a beacon of hope for countless animals in need. Their journey began with a simple act of kindness during a Santa Paws event, where a local parish shelter posted their needs on Facebook. From that moment, Law for Paws has been tirelessly working to fulfill those needs and more.

Law for Paws primarily focuses on rescuing animals, with a special emphasis on dogs. They go above and beyond to ensure these animals find loving homes and receive the care they deserve. Their dedicated efforts include coordinating rescues, providing transportation both locally and regionally, vetting and screening for rescue sponsorships, and supporting dogs of all breeds on their journey to a forever home.

One key aspect of their mission is collaborating with a local veterinarian to ensure that much-needed veterinary care is readily available. Donations made directly to the veterinary facility enable Law for Paws to provide essential medical attention to animals in their care.

The compassionate team at Law for Paws dedicates their time and resources to the day-to-day care of animals on-site. Currently, the dogs are housed in kennel runs outside, receiving the attention and care they need to thrive. The organization also consistently organizes campaigns to secure necessities like food, toys, towels, kennels, and more.

However, Law for Paws envisions an even better future for the animals they serve and is actively collecting funds for an improved setup. Their commitment to improving the lives of animals in Port Barre, Louisiana, is unwavering.

“We couldn’t be more grateful or impressed with what Law for Paws has accomplished and their incredible efforts to help stray animals in their community. We hope that businesses, community leaders, residents, and foundations will chip in and support this incredible group,” says Jeff Dorson, HSLA Director.  

Meet the Adoptables:
Two of Law for Paws’ most endearing residents are Poppy and Bebe. These two beautiful dogs have been waiting for their forever homes since December 14, 2022. Poppy, located in Mamou, LA, is spayed, heartworm negative, and up-to-date on shots. She plays well with other dogs and a 9-year-old child. However, she has a tendency to guard her food, which is a habit the right adopter can help her overcome. Bebe, also in Mamou, LA, is spayed, heartworm negative, and up-to-date on shots. She is a sweet-natured dog who gets along well with other dogs and a 9-year-old child.

These two wonderful dogs, along with many others, are seeking loving homes where they can thrive and share their affection.

For those interested in supporting Law for Paws in their mission to rescue and care for animals, there are several ways to get involved:
1. Donate: Contributions to Law for Paws can be made through their GoFundMe page: [Law for Paws GoFundMe](

2. Amazon Wish List: Consider donating essential items from their Amazon Wish List to help provide for the animals’ needs: [Law for Paws Amazon Wish List](

3. Contact Their Veterinarian: Donations for veterinary care can be made directly to Dr. Fontenot’s office by calling 337-948-8959 and mentioning Law for Paws.

4. Donations by Check: Support their building fundraiser or vet bills by making checks payable to the Town of Port Barre and noting “Law for Paws” in the memo. Mail checks to PO Box 1379, Port Barre, LA 70577.

5. Spread the Word: Share Law for Paws’ mission and stories of animals in need within your community.

Law for Paws’ dedication to rescuing and caring for animals exemplifies the power of compassion and community. Every contribution and act of support helps them continue their vital work.

For more information and to stay updated on their efforts, please visit the [Law for Paws Facebook page](

Leslie – Law for Paws Volunteer – Email: [ pbpd2208@]
Phone: [Contact the Port Barre Police Department at 337-585-6212]

About Law for Paws:
Law for Paws is a volunteer organization founded in December 2015 by dedicated employees of the Port Barre Police Department in Port Barre, Louisiana. Their mission is to rescue and provide care for animals, primarily dogs, to ensure they find loving homes and receive the necessary veterinary attention. Through their efforts, Law for Paws strives to create a better future for animals in need.

The Humane Society of Louisiana was established in 1988 and is one or the largest animal protection organizations in the state. For more information, please visit its website at