Community Public Notices

Town of Melville Special Meeting Minutes

Special Town Meeting Minutes from the Town of Melville, LA:
September 29, 2023

Mayor Robertson called meeting to order at 6:02 pm.
There was a silent prayer.
Mayor Robertson welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Roll Call.
Present: Natasha Thomas-Oliney, Linda Haynes, Peter Circello, April Butler-Goudeau
Absent: Theardis Tieuel
Mayor Robertson asked for everyone to look over the budget.
Natasha Thomas-Oliney make motion for police department budget of $170,000. April Butler-Goudeau second the motion. All in favor.
Mayor Robertson and town council discuss the budget.
April Butler-Goudeau make motion to adopt budget for the fiscal year 2023-2024. Natasha Thomas-Oliney second motion. All is in favor.
April Butler-Goudeau make motion to adjourn meeting. Linda Haynes second motion. All is in favor. Meeting is adjourned.

If you would like to address the Mayor and Board during a meeting, all requests must be made to the Municipal Clerk the second Monday of the month before 12:00 p.m.