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St. Landry Now is your best source for local and area news. Please consider St. Landry Now for your advertising needs.

  • St. Landry Now online newspaper is a local business, owned and operated by people from the local area.
  • St. Landry Now covers local and area news, sports, events, activities, law enforcement   announcements, city and parish government, plus stories and photos from Opelousas history, St. Landry Parish history and Louisiana history – and so much more. It is ALL LOCAL.  As of now, that access to local news is free and can be obtained from the website and several other platforms including social media.
  • Since the news covered by St. Landry Now is local, the audience is proactive. You can increase your probabilities that readers will notice your ad.
  • St. Landry Now advertising is affordable for all, but especially for small businesses. Our rate sheet has information on several different advertisement opportunities.
  • St. Landry Now advertising provides your business, group, etc. with a targeted geographic audience. Our online newspaper targets the local geographic market, which means you can efficiently connect with a wide community of people who  are likely to buy into your products or services, and at a very affordable rate.
  • St. Landry Now makes a great effort to build and maintain positive relationships with our local community. You can trust our newspaper to help you build a positive reputation in the community.
  • Advertising with St. Landry Now is a great way to showcase your business and gain leads at a fraction of the cost of advertising in other ways.
  • St. Landry Now has over 50,000 local, parish, and state viewers, plus those in other areas. All these viewers will notice your ad.
  • St. Landry Now will work with you to provide the best way to get your message out to the local community. We want to help you with all your advertising needs.

If you have questions or need more information about advertising or to get a rate sheet, please contact St. Landry Now at 337-451-0568; Email: