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St. Landry Now Guest Editorial

By Lincoln Savoie

Gov. Landry has declared an “emergency”  to  increase the number of law enforcement persons in Louisiana.  A veteran, Gov. Landry is aware of the 267,000 veterans residing in this state. The majority have been cleared for a federal security clearance and have proven leadership qualities.  I feel they are ready to serve again. Without going into detail Gov. Landry needs to form a strong recruiting committee with a mission plan, with a budget and present this to next legislative session for his “emergency” plan.  “Gov. Landry you have a solution–good luck”.  NOTE: OUR VETERANS HAVE PROVEN THEY CAN SECURE A  COUNTRY–THEY CERTAINLY CAN SECURE OUR STATE..  

Very Respectfully, 

Link Savoie

Army RetiredPast State VFW Commander Korea/Viet Nam Veteran