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Besides our military cemeteries in the United States, I would venture to say few Americans are aware of European resting places for those men and women who died and  were buried on the same battle field on which they fought.  Allow me to refresh your memory.

France has 11 US military cemeteries

Belgium has 3 US military cemeteries

England has 2 US military cemeteries

Italy has 2 US military cemeteries

The Netherlands has 1 US military cemetery

Luxembourg has 1 US military cemetery

A total of 104, 366 brave Americans who did not ask for praise but only asked to be remembered!!  Each of these cemeteries are maintained by the hosting country and each marked with an extremely tall flag  pole proudly flying an American flag.


Very Respectfully, 

Link Savoie

Military RetiredKorea/Vietnam  veteran
648 Thelma Drive, Sunset, LA 70584
Home # 337-662-7283

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