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( Editor’s note: The comments made in this opinion column are those of the writer and not necessarily the views of St. Landry Now).

Link Savoie, Guest Columnist
Link Savoie

Title 42 allowed border officers to immediately expel and block immigrants from accessing the U.S. asylum system, arguing that it helped mitigate the spread of COVID-19.   Last Friday President Biden, who early on stated  that the “world was welcome to America,”  announced that the U.S. government would end Title 42 on May 23, a public health order put in place during the President Trump era. Now  the world is aware and waiting for May 23  to come and every person who wants to come to America is again welcome. With  that notification  to the world, our border authorities would be useless.  Border patrol sources indicates that about 18,000 migrants would be crossing the southern border daily without being stopped.  The U.S. Government is now and will continue shipping these people all over the United States by bus and airplane at  the expense of our tax dollar.  Your question will be–“what the hell is happening.?   

Very Respectfully, 

Link Savoie
Sunset, LA 70584