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On a beautiful, bright Saturday morning St. Landry Now explored the Exit 11 Yard Sale in Sunset. When attending a yard sale, you never know what you will find, and who you will see. We saw old friends and met new ones as we walked through downtown Sunset.

We met up with Shana Lafleur and her crew including Kyle Meche, Leslie Carriere, Angelic, Jillian and Nathan Andrepont who were getting ready to roam through the sale. As we walked with them, along the way we met Shirley Kennerson from Opelousas. Shirley has been making jewelry for seven months and opened her jewelry booth for the first time at the yard sale.

And speaking about jewelry, we came across Tonya James and Layton Benjamin of Sunset selling their jewelry in a booth along the sidewalk. While visiting with Tonya and Layton, we met Philip Darby of Church Point with his family. Philip was helping his young daughters put on their roller skates. Pictured here is Layla Darby, age 8, getting her skates on, ready to roll through the sale, while younger sister Khloé, age 6, looks on. Why walk when you can roll, right?

Eric and Kim Halpern of Opelousas were busy at their new pop-up business called A Touch of Vintage. They told us their schedule is full for the next few months as they will be attending several other events and activities in the St. Landry Parish area.

Eric and Kim Halpern

We came across Cowboy who had the right idea. That large umbrella was a great way to block the bright sunshine on an otherwise beautiful Saturday morning.

Cowboy relaxing in the shade.

Never too young for a yard sale. Madison Pontheaux was enjoying the sale with a group from Marksville including her three-month-old son Elizah Augustine. She told us she looks forward to attending this yard sale every year.

Madison Pontheaux with three-month-old son Elizah Augustine

Jawana D”Avy was selling at her Home Decore and Craft Booth. We enjoyed a nice conversation with her and learned she was originally from Lafayette but now lives in Opelousas where she teaches at Westminster Christian Academy.

Jawana D”Avy

It was good to see David and Kathy McKinney at the booth they operated in one of the Antique Malls in Sunset. David sells vintage and antique items, many from the estate of his late parents, Lilly Ann and Ernie McKinney. He also buys from estate sales where he often finds antique and vintage lamps. He rewires them, cleans them up and makes them beautiful again. While chatting with David, we were joined by Karen Domengeaux, who owns the Antique Mall. Many will remember Karen when she was the principal at Opelousas Catholic school in Opelousas.

As we walked through downtown, we came across Brenda and Gordon Ryder, taking a break from shopping, while enjoying a sandwich from one of the many food booths. Gordon and Brenda lived in Opelousas for many years, but now live in Sunset.

Gordon and Brenda Ryder

Here are other photos taken on Saturday at the Exit 11 Yard Sale.