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Grandpa’s Old Photos Book Focuses of Southwest Louisiana Families

Photograph: Book Cover of Grandpa’s Old Photos Book (Courtesy of Neal Bertrand).

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If you like history and genealogy, you will certainly want to have a copy of this new book about St. Landry Parish and Southwest Louisiana families.

Just released, Grandpa’s Old Photos Including His Family Tree Dating Back to the 1700s, by Neal Bertrand, has a collection of 407 photos from his ancestors passed down through the generations. “The oldest ancestor picture I have is of my great-great-grandfather Auguste Ducloisel Bertrand, born in 1837,” Neal said. “He was a Civil War Veteran and a wounded prisoner of war. Following the war, he returned to his farm disabled from his wounds.”

Besides information and photographs of Neal’s ancestors, the book presents the opportunity to learn how life was in the olden days. The book gives readers a glance into the daily life of South Louisiana people over a century ago.

Neal worked on his family’s genealogy for many years and has traces his family roots to Western Europe in the early 1700s. His descendants’ charts are included in the book, tracing the family back to immigrants from France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Holland.

Neal Bertrand

This book also includes information on many Bertrand family members as well as members of other families that make up Neal’s lineage. Besides the Bertrand’s, other families include LeDoux, Lafleur, Andrepont, Dupre, Stelly, Sittig, Chachere, Pitre, Joubert, Prudhomme, Fuselier, Fontenot, Boone, Vidrine, Manuel, Broussard, Darbonne, Frütel, McGee, Vige, McBride, Jaubert, Davidson, and Victorian.

Some South Louisiana areas included in the book are Lawtell, Mallet, Prairie Ronde and Opelousas.

For more information contact Neal Bertrand at (337) 224-6576. Email cajundude814@yahoo.com. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neal.bertrand. Also, the books can be purchased through Amazon.