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Photo from the Past – Fred Sandoz Store

In 1896 Fred Sandoz opened his general merchandise store on the corner of West Landry and Liberty streets. The featured photograph above shows Sandoz’s family and friends gathered outside the store for its grand opening that year. When Sandoz died his estate eventually sold the store building to James A. (J. A.) Dejean, known by many as “Big” Dejean, who remodeled the building to house his grocery store business. The store, that many referred to as “Big” Dejean’s Grocery, originally was located on Main Street when it opened in 1915. After over two decades in business, in 1937 he moved to the West Landry and Liberty street location.

In 1941 when “Big” Dejean retired, Dimmick Supply Company moved into the old Fred Sandoz building. Founded in 1932 by Ira C. Dimmick, the company was first located on Main Street until it moved to the Fred Sandoz/Dejean Grocery location.  Dimmick’s business operated in the old building until 1962 when it was demolished, replaced by a new brick building. Dimmick Supply Company continued to operate in that building for several decades.

The bottom photograph shows Dimmick Supply Company during the early 1950s when it was operating in the old Fred Sandoz store building.