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Photographs from Carola Lillie Hartley Collection

Contributing Writer

Vee’s 5 and 10 cents store opened in downtown Opelousas at the corner of Bellevue and Main Street on Thursday, June 6, 1968. It was destroyed by fire on Sunday, February 8, 1970. Also on that day, Charles R. Mayer, Sr., longtime president of the Hope, Hook and Ladder Volunteer Fire Department in Opelousas, was killed in a wreck when traveling back to Opelousas from his camp to help fight the fire.

Building History
This was the building originally belonging to David Roos that house the large mercantile store of D. Roos & Sons, located on what was known as Roos corner. It was constructed in the early 1890s. Sometime after the death of David Roos, the store closed and the building eventually housed Morgan and Lindsey. That five and dime store relocated from the Healey Building on Landry Street to the old Roos building in 1934-35. When Morgan and Lindsey’s business closed, The old building  was remodeled to house Vee’s, owned by the Schwartzenburg family.

D. Roos and Sons store on Roos’ Corner at Bellevue and Main streets in downtown Opelousas. Photo taken in c. 1896.