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Photograph: The Boscoe Hotel was located on Bellevue Street, between Bodemuller, the Printer and the Planter’s Bank (aks Union Bank and Trust Company)

Did you know at one time there was a hotel on Bellevue Street, between Court and Main streets in downtown Opelousas?

Located between the Union Bank and Trust Company, (later Planter’s Bank) and Bodemuller, the Printer, it was owned by different people over the years.

One of the owners of the hotel was R. L. “Boscoe” Wyble. On Saturday, July 16, 1932 he opened the hotel, calling it the Boscoe Hotel. It was directly across the street from a restaurant he owned at that time known as Boscoe’s Restaurant. At the opening, Mr. Wyble said every modern convenience was installed in the building for public use. The rooms had individual baths and other improvements for the comfort of the traveling public. The hotel, managed by Winnie Fontenot, operated until about 1940.

Boscoe Wyble later worked for the Daily World.

Boscoe Wyble working at the Daily World during the 1950s.