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A few days ago, we published the first of this series we call Who Are You? Where Is This? We received comments about the picture of the home in Opelousas we featured at that time, and we may have a clue as to where it was in our community. We are hoping to soon verify the location of that house and let you know.

Who are we?

Today’s Who Are You? features an unidentified photograph from my private collection. These two young ladies may be related or connected in some way to the Joseph Lassalle family of Opelousas. We would like to find out the names of these ladies, share this photograph with their families or others who may have knowledge of them, then tell their stories in our Photos of the Past. Anybody know who we are? If you know, please contact carola@main-admin

 If you have nameless photographs from the past and would like to have help getting them identified, please contact St. Landry Now.