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Clerk of Court Office Receives Access Upgrades


OPELOUSAS, LA — St. Landry Clerk of Court Offices get major upgrades.

Clerk of Court Charlie Jagneaux has announced that the Clerk of Court offices have been “upgraded.” 

The Recording Department and Civil Court System have both received new operating systems. The Recording system went live this year and will allow online filings for both divisions. 

“Our office has made it a priority to streamline the process of filing with our new software,” said Jagneaux, “The Clerk’s office is at the forefront of technology to help better serve you.”

Land Records can be accessed through, and civil court records and e-filing can be accessed through Criminal and traffic records are still available to be processed through our DocuNet service which can be found on our website. 

Along with the technical side, the physical offices have also been renovated. The Courts Division Department has been upgraded with completely bulletproof windows. Jagneaux stated: “Making the workplace safer for our staff was a priority that needed to be addressed.” Additionally, all doors have had secure magnetic locks installed.

For more information with e-filing and record searches please visit our website,, and click on “online services.” For further assistance or help with navigating the website, please call 337-942-5606.

The Clerk of Court is actively finding new ways to better serve the public. Please contact us, if you need any assistance!