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Committee Listens to Complaints About Animal Cruelty, Parking

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Animal cruelty and the lack of handicapped parking around the courthouse in Opelousas were two separate complaints presented this past week by individuals who spoke during a St. Landry Parish Public Works Committee.

Sunset resident Carrie Baird and Don Leger of Opelousas addressed the Committee on the separate issues, but the Committee took no action after listening to their concerns.

Animal Neglect Issues

Carrie Baird
Carrie Baird

Baird pleaded with the Committee to “do the right thing” and take a more aggressive approach in handling animal cruelty issues, which she noted are prevalent throughout the parish.

Animal neglect matters Baird said have been especially noticeable during the past few weeks as extremely cold weather has enveloped St. Landry.

 Baird said she purchased $81 worth of comforters for animals that she knew had little protection from the cold weather, but despite her efforts, Baird fears that many small animals died on one night when the temperature hovered at 22 degrees along with a fierce wind chill.

Parish president Jessie Bellard said the parish will soon begin operating under a revised animal ordinance.

“We are going to make sure we do things the right way. If you know of a cruelty case then animal control will handle it,” Bellard told Baird.

Courthouse Parking

Don Leger
Don Leger

Leger told the Committee that problems with parking exist throughout the courthouse square section.

Handicapped vehicles Leger said, have an especially difficult time parking.

Much of the handicapped and regular parking spaces have been taken by signs which indicate those spots are being reserved for deliveries, making them unavailable for vehicles.