photo: Sunny Bertand
Local News

How do you feel about Sean Payton leaving the New Orleans Saints?

(Profiles compiled at Frank’s Poboys in Opelousas by contributing writer Bobby Ardoin and photographer Freddie Herpin)

“I think it’s really sad because the team may not win as many games any more. I am glad he lasted (with the Saints) as long as he did.”  — Sunny Bertrand

“I don’t follow the Saints, but I know pro football. He did a good job with creating chemistry for the team. He came to New Orleans and did what he had to do to make them a winner.” – Steve Brito.

“I really liked him. He did a great job in putting the Saints on the map.” – Tom Darbonne

“When Drew Brees left I knew (Payton) wouldn’t be there long. The Saints had good players with (Payton). The (NFL) just didn’t want us to win games.” – Sharon Fontenot

“I liked him. I wish him the best. He is a Christian man who was always doing positive things in the community.” – Donna Whittington