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Opelousas Rotary Club Honors Law Enforcement

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Three St. Landry Parish law enforcement officers representing the Sheriff’s Department, Opelousas City Police and Opelousas City Marshal’s Office were introduced Tuesday as Opelousas Rotary Club Officers of The Year.

The three officers presented as Officers of The Year by Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, Opelousas Police Chief Martin McLendon and Opelousas City Marshal Paul Mouton, were given plaques at the Knights of Columbus Hall during the weekly noon meeting of the Opelousas Rotary Club.

Selected as officers of the year by their department heads were Corporal Patrick Robert of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Department, Private First Class Herman Peterson of the Opelousas Police Department and Deputy John Roark Pastorick from the Opelousas City Marshal’s Office.

Corporal Patrick Robert

Robert, primarily a patrol division officer who has worked at the Sheriff’s Department for 20 years, received special praise from Guidroz.

“Corporal Robert is one of the most dedicated deputies that I have had the pleasure of working with, while on patrol as well as in a supervisor capacity,” Guidroz told the Rotarians and other law enforcement officials who gathered for the presentation.

What has helped set Robert apart as a deputy Guidroz said is Robert’s ability to handle an investigation with thoroughness and compassion.

“I have personally witnessed Corporal Robert handle multiple investigations. I have also witnessed how he shows respect and compassion, by allowing a person to speak or vent without interruption,” added Guidroz.

Guidroz said that Robert’s primary area of responsibility is the Lawtell and Eunice area, where Robert has developed a rapport with persons living in those communities.

“(Robert) has also become a friend to the people in Eunice and Lawtell. He enjoys serving all the people of St. Landry, but the people in the Eunice and Lawtell areas have a special place in his heart,” Guidroz noted.

Private First Class Herman Peterson

Peterson was described by McLendon as a dedicated officer that has worked in various city law enforcement capacities in Opelousas for nearly 21 years.

Currently Peterson has been assigned as an OPD K-9 officer who rides the streets with his canine partner, Chaos, McLendon said.

McLendon said there isn’t much Peterson hasn’t done during the two decades that Peterson has worked at OPD.

“Officer Peterson has the reputation in the department as a go-getter, someone who is not afraid to take the initiative in his duties. He has also received positive performance reports on a consistent basis,” McLendon noted.

After starting out as a member of the patrol division, Peterson has expanded his departmental role McLendon said, as an officer who has worked narcotics investigations as a member of the Special Operations Division and with the OPD DARE program for elementary school students.

An Iraq and Afghanistan U.S. Army veteran who served five tours, Peterson said McLendon, has also served as a domestic abuse investigator.

“Private First Class Peterson should be recognized for his personal motivation, excellent teamwork and the professionalism he continues to display in his chosen career,” said McLendon.  

Deputy John Roark Pastorick

Pastorick became a fulltime Opelousas City Marshal’s Office deputy in 2018 and has worked with the department in issuing civil citations, subpoenas, and assisting with arrest warrants.

When needed Mouton said Pastorick often assumes a bailiff’s position in Opelousas City Court.

Pastorick according to Mouton, also assumed an active role as a member of the traffic division.

“Officer Pastorick did an awesome job of controlling the streets of Opelousas and Ward One. He has shown that he is vigorous in his assignments and always goes beyond the call of duty,” Mouton said.