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Profile – Brent Dupre

Popcorn is good but if you really want a tastyt treat try a sample of Dupcorn, created by Brent Dupre who was at the Java Square Downtown Makers Market with a booth displaying the tasty popcorn.

Brent has been in the popcorn business for five years as he describes it. “Three years trial and error and two years perfection.” Because of the Covid business has been slow but it now picking up. “I always loved popcorn so why not capitalize and start my own brand,” he said. It’s an e-commerce business but he does make as many festivals and events as possible to sell the delicious dupcorn.

He not only does popcorn but he has achieved perfection on black pot cooking. “If its cooked in a black pot I can cook it,” he said. He also has a podcast called Black Pot where he discusses social issues and of course black pot cooking.

The Opelousas resident and Opelousas High School graduate also gives credit to God for his success. “Praise and honor to God,” he said.