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Temple Emanuel Jewish Cemetery photo gallery

Traveling bck to their home in Jackson, MS, Macy and Susan Hart made a quick stop in Opelousas to visit the grave of their Hart cousin Rosa Lucille Hart. While they were at the cemetery, Opelousas Mayor Julius Alsandor stopped by for a visit with the Hart couple.The three enjoyed a cordial visit while exploring the cemetery and learning more about the people who once lived in Opelousas and made great contribution to the commercial history of the town.

Macy and Susan S. Hart of Mississippi visit the grave of their relative, Rosa Lucille Hart, the first U.S. cheerleader who is buried in the Temple Emmanuel Jewish Cemetery located in Opelousas. The Hart couple are pictured while placing a stone on the grave on Miss Hart, which is a Jewish tradition. Why a stone? “Flowers die but stones do not,” is what Macy Hart explained during the visit.