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A Halloween-themed reading event was put on at Le Vieux Village Heritage Park & Museum on Sunday.

Macaroni KID Acadia-St. Landry hosted its first ‘Reading at the Village’ event in a collaborative effort with non-profit organization Dads & Kids. The event was inspired by an idea to have something for the community to read to children and help encourage a positive literacy movement.

Parents and children were invited to come out and hear stories being read and acted out on the stage of the Orphan Train Museum in the Heritage Park. Costumes were encouraged as a Halloween-themed event while Macaroni KID publisher, as Mary Poppins, read a selection of books aloud. With the help of her assistants, the stories were characterized and brought to life as they were being read.

A treat bag station supplied paper bags and stationary for kids to decorate their own Halloween treat bags to be filled with candy. Macaroni KID Acadia-St. Landry supplied books where kids could choose a favorite to keep and read at home.

Representing Dads & Kids, Pastor Clarence Lazard came out in support of this community event and talked of plans to continue the effort to promote the community in the historic setting.

“We need to support our community and our youth by providing programs they can enjoy here, but it takes a community effort for things to change. We would love to continue programs, such as this one, that encourage a positive move towards our children’s future.”


  • Courtney Jennings

    Courtney Jennings is a contributing writer with St. Landry Now since 2023 covering local events throughout the parish. She also runs the local publication MacaroniKID Acadia-St. Landry, an online publication and weekly e-newsletter on family friendly activities, local events, and community resources for parents.

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