arrested: Dion Devon Harris, II
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Arrested – Dion Devon Harris, II

Public Information Officer
Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux
Phone 337-948-6516
Fax 337-407-9458
Press Release: February 24, 2022

Dion Devon Harris, II, age 39
5923 W. Robinson Avenue
Fresno, CA., 93722

Second Degree Feticide
Attempted Second Degree Murder

BOND: $375,000

According to Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz, “On February 20, 2022, deputies with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the Port Barre Fire District 2 Central Station in regards to a battery. Upon arrival, the female victim was sitting on the ground and was being treated by emergency medical technicians (EMTs).”

Upon further investigation by deputies, it was determined that the victim was riding in rental van with other individuals, which included three juveniles and two elderly individuals. The victim was sitting in the front passenger seat and Dion Devon Harris, II was sitting in the rear driver’s side seat. The victim and Dion Harris were arguing about him bullying the 3 juveniles when he became enraged and positioned himself behind the seat where the victim was sitting. Dion Harris reached forward with his left hand and placed it around the victim’s throat, choking the victim. The victim attempted to escape Dion Harris’ grasp but was unsuccessful.

When Dion Harris realized that the victim was attempting to break free of his grasp, he maneuvered himself into the front passenger seat where the victim was seated with his back against the dashboard. Dion Harris then grabbed the upper shoulder portion of the seatbelt, wrapped it around the victim’s neck and pulled tightly.

The driver of the vehicle pulled over on the side of the road and when the vehicle stopped, Dion Harris exited the vehicle through the passenger side door and continued to choke the victim with the seatbelt. The victim was able to get the seatbelt from around her neck by pressing the release button on the seatbelt fastening device. The victim then attempted to exit the vehicle; however, Dion Harris began choking the victim again by placing both of his hands around the victim’s neck. Dion Harris pulled the victim to the ground and continued to choke the victim with his left hand while pulling the victim’s hair with his right hand. The victim lost consciousness at this time.

When the victim regained consciousness, the other passengers in the vehicle were attempting to restrain Dion Harris. Dion Harris broke free and began approaching the victim again. One of the passengers from the vehicle laid on top of the victim in an attempt to shield the victim from Dion Harris.

When a passing vehicle stopped, Dion Harris began to walk away from the scene. The victim and the juveniles entered the stopped vehicle and were transported to the Port Barre Fire District 2 Central Station. From there, the victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Upon arrival at the hospital, deputies attempted to speak with the victim; however, the victim was disoriented and having a hard time communicating with the deputies. Hospital staff advised the deputies that the victim was approximately nine (9) weeks pregnant and miscarried the fetus as a result of the attack.

An arrest warrant was then issued for Dion Devon Harris, II.

On February 23, 2022, Dion Devon Harris, II was transported to the St. Landry Parish Jail and charged with Second Degree Feticide and Attempted Second Degree Murder.

On behalf of Sheriff Bobby J. Guidroz, this is Deputy Chief Eddie Thibodeaux. All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.