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Photo: Brailey Major from OC
Photo by Mike Curley

Contributing Writer

Brailey Major isn’t sure whether it’s genetic or just part of a competitive component that assumes control when she is on the basketball court.

One thing is certain however.

Major is doing an excellent job of carrying on the family tradition of scoring points for the Opelousas Catholic girls’ basketball team.

For the past decade the Major family has provided nearly 3,000 points for the Vikings.

Brittany Major ranks second in all-time scoring for the Vikings (1,701 points) and younger sister Brailey Major recently reached a 1,000-point career total during her final basketball season at OCS.

It’s perhaps interesting at times to watch outside the Major household as the two sisters roll out the basketball and then go one-on-one to see who’s really better or determine who really has a better game at that particular moment.

Brailey Major from OC
Brailey Major from OC

The situation Brailey Major says is complicated.

“I’ve always wanted to be as good (as Brittany). I’ve wanted to make a name for myself. Brittany will get out there with me and she works with me in order for me to get better. What she has taught me is if I miss, just go on to the next shot,” Brailey Major said.

Brittany Major, now attending McNeese State, ended her OCS career averaging in the mid 20’s. Brailey Major is scoring at nearly the same level and finding she added, the same type of defenses designed to prevent her from easily reaching the rim.

“Teams use all kind of different defenses on me. I see a box and one a lot, where I go one-on-one and the others fall back into a zone or in the half court. Sometimes teams go full court on me or they bring out a triangle and two,” Major said.

This year Major is playing her final season with a young group. Ellie Lafleur is the only other senior playing a key role for OCS.

That means that in addition to being a main offensive component, Major along with Lafleur has assumed stronger leadership roles on a team that also includes some eighth graders.

“It’s been hard doing both (scoring and mentoring), but I have found now that I really want to do both,” Major said last week as she watched her teammates go through offensive and defensive drills under OCS head girls’ basketball coach Connie Thierry.

As her final high school basketball season heads to a conclusion, Major admits she does think about the next step in determining her future.

At this point, she said, everything is uncertain, including whether she plays basketball after high school.

“I have no offers yet. I guess if I want to play somewhere, I will have to walk on,” Major said.

Until then, it will still be a “double Major” on the family basketball court.

“Brittany and I like to go outside and play against each other and go one on one. When that happens it just motivates me,” Brailey Major said.