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Photograph: J.S. Clark girls basketball team celebrates following the St. Landry Parish championship game Saturday night at Northwest High.

Editor/Consulting Writer

They play fast with a youthful enthusiasm and energy that has already helped capture 13 wins in 14 games and the first St. Landry Parish Tournament championship in school history.

None of the starting players on the girls’ J.S. Clark Leadership Academy team possess an excess of varsity experience, but first-year Bulldogs’ head coach Breonna O’Connor says she is there to make sure her players’ youthfulness doesn’t become a detriment.

O’Connor, who has played professional basketball in Australia and her Bulldogs passed a major test this past weekend, giving St. Landry a preview of the basketball program that she has been hired to nurture.

Clark lived up to being chosen the pre-parish tournament top seed, defeating defending champion Northwest High (69-34) and the in the title contest, withstanding a challenge and grabbing a three-point win (36-33) over third-seeded Opelousas High.

Point guard Taylor Barnaba and top rebounder Erianna Ned said the championship game with Opelousas was a poignant test for them and their teammates.

“I thought in that game (with Opelousas) we showed that we have the right kind of leadership on this team. We felt that most of the crowd in that game was with (Opelousas), but we were able to step up and bond together,” said Ned.

Clark head girls’ basketball coach Breonna O’Connor and players Taylor Barnaba and Erianna Ned with their individual trophies following the championship game victory over Opelousas High.

O’Connor said that she’s excited to help direct what she describes as a “new era” in the Clark athletic program.

“What’s really great about this is that the players we have are so young and in my opinion there is so much more to come from them. What has helped is that the players have put their trust in my and what I want to do and in doing that they are taking on the personality of their coach,” said O’Connor.

There are no seniors that are currently part of the girls’ program, so O’Conner has instituted a strict discipline policy.

“I am real disciplined with them. I stay on them all the time. Anyone that doesn’t want to follow the rules has been told they can turn in the uniform anytime they want to,” O’Connor said.

Opelousas High played a variety of defenses including a box and one against Clark in the finals, a strategy that drew compliments from O’Connor.

“Winning the championship game certainly wasn’t that easy. Our girls had never been in that kind of situation. Being as young as we are, Opelousas High came out with a style that affected us. They played great defense and so did our girls,” she said.

Barnaba, the point guard and leading scorer, wears a team warmup jacket with “Baby Goat,” across the back.

“It tells the other team that no matter what, you can’t let the other player see that you can’t play just because you’re small,” said Barnada, who struggles to reach five feet tall.

Ned is somewhat taller and Barnaba said she and the other offensive players work off screens in order to make their scoring game effective.

The Bulldogs are scheduled to play in a post-Christmas Day tournament at Louisiana Christian University in Pineville.