photo: OC's Taylor Estis makes a break on the ball during a 4-2 loss to WCA

OCS girls’ soccer

OC’s Taylor Estis makes a break on the ball during a 4-2 loss to WCA. Photo by Mike Curley

Contributing Writer

The Opelousas Catholic girls’ soccer team may have ended this season resting on the playoff bubble, but the Vikings’ program appears to be trending forward.

That’s the way at this point longtime girls’ soccer coach perceives the direction for the OCS girls who this year increased their participation as well as last year’s win total.

OCS finished 9-8-4 with a record good enough Soileau thinks could have perhaps ushered in a playoff berth in any other Division.

“Right now we’re keeping our fingers crossed. This week we are going to be practicing as though we are going to the playoffs. In every other division except the one we are in, 32 teams make it to the playoffs. In ours it’s the top 24 teams,” Soileau said.

OCS might have had a better playoff opportunity if the Vikings had defeated Westminster Christian Academy on Saturday in a season-ending match, admitted Soileau.

For the Crusaders the 4-2 victory avenged an earlier shootout defeat to OCS.

Despite the current situation Soileau says he can’t do anything but look forward.

“We had only 13 girls on the team last year. This year we had 21 and our core group is our sophomores. We had three seniors and a good group of freshmen, so we’re looking forward to our future,” Soileau said.

Sophomore goalkeeper Lexi Pike had a promising season that merited attention from some college coaches, Soileau acknowledged.

Junior forward Olivia Boagni finished with a team-high 33 goals, while senior Savannah Nezat scored 10. Center-forward Hallie Lavergne scored eight, while sophomore Kaitlyn Quirk scored seven.

The defensive highlights were provided by senior Taylor Estis, who also scored four goals.

Assisting Estis on the back end were Mary Catherine Trahan, Emmie Courville and McKenzie Chavis, Soileau said.