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November is National American Indian Heritage Month. The Opelousas Museum & Interpretive Center is hosting a gathering for the general public to learn, drum, and dance.

On Saturday November 4 members of the Coco Tribe of Canneci Tinne will hold a Cance Social from 10 a.m. to noon.  Tribe members will discuss the history and culture of their heritage.  Visitors are invited to participate in drumming and singing and to observe Hactci Regalia with masking and traditional tribal art such as fans, drums, drumsticks and rattles.  

Coco Tribe Of Canneci Tinne was formed by the descendants of the Coco Tribe.  The group inhabited the Prairie Maronne and Bayou Tortue area of St. Martin Parish and Lafayette Parish, living on the border of the two parishes which was called Attakapas in the 1800s. They are a Tribe of Lipan Apache Indians called Canneci (Kansi/Kaneechee) which means Tall Sticks/Poles in a row standing or Red Mud; Tinnemeans People.  The Coco Tribe of Canneci Tinne, Inc. has persevered and is resilient in its culture, language, and traditions. 

The event takes place on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2023, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at Opelousas Museum, 315 N Main St., Opelousas, LA 70570.

FMI: Patrice Melnick 337-948-2589;