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District Recognizes Four “A” Schools

Editor/Consulting Writer

Four St. Landry Parish public schools were recognized recently for receiving an “A” for their overall student performance scores during 2021-22.

Principals from the Magnet Academy of Performing Arts, Palmetto Elementary, Eunice High and East Elementary received school banners from parish school officials, commemorating the achievements.

In addition the four schools and others within the school District received additional recognition as either Top Gains schools.

The principals for each of the schools designated as “A” schools, claimed the ongoing academic excellence on their campuses were achieved due to a collective effort that included administrators, faculty and support personnel.

“It’s not just one person responsible for this award. The team that we have is absolutely outstanding. They are the ones that created this A. I am grateful to have the faculty that we have at MACA. When you surround yourself with the people we have, then things like this happen,” said principal Karen Olivier Vidrine.

Palmetto Elementary principal Kellie Latiolais said she considers her job easy, compared to the jobs required by the teachers and support workers.

Latiolais said the relationships among the personnel is more like those seen among friends and family.