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Avoyelles Parish School Board Has Critical Need for Teachers and other Personnel

The Avoyelles Parish School Board is hiring. They are advertising for teachers for the upcoming school year.  The following schools have teacher vacancies:

  • Bunkie Elementary Learning Academy

PreK.    Kindergarten (2).    1st Grade.    2nd Grade.    3rd Grade.    5th Grade

6th Grade.    Special Education

  • Avoyelles High School

Middle School Science.    High School IBCA/BCA

Middle School ELA

  • Cottonport Elementary School

Special Education (2).    Kindergarten.    3rd Grade (2).    4th Grade

6th Grade

  • Bunkie Magnet High School

High School English.    High School Social Studies.    High School Science

High School Business.    Special Education.    Middle School English

  • Marksville Elementary School

3rd Grade.    4th Grade.    5th Grade (2).    6th Grade. 

  • Marksville High School

7th Grade Science.    Biology. 

  • Riverside Elementary

Special Education.    3rd Grade.    5th Grade.    6th Grade. 

  • Plaucheville Elementary School

1st Grade.    2nd Grade.    3rd Grade.    4th Grade (2).    Special Education.

  • AVAP

Counselor/English.    Elementary.   

Anyone interested is asked to apply now. 

Financial Incentives include: $5000/$3000 Sign-on Bonus (1/2 paid year 1 and year 2); $7000 Recruitment/Retention Incentive (paid in increments at the end of each nine weeks over 2 years.); Base salary scale begins at $41,460 with annual increases provided, state increased will be added as they are approved by the Louisiana legislature.

The School Board is also accepting Letter of Interest and Resumé for Principal and Assistant Principal.

Please note:  Attach the Letter of Interest, Resumé and all required documentations of certification to be considered for any of the vacancies. Applications and all documents must be submitted via email to by Friday, September 2, 2022 by 4:00 p.m.

Interview time dates and location will be emailed to applicants. For further information, please contact Mrs. Thelma Prater, Assistant superintendent at 318-240-0205, or email

See their ads for these positions on St. Landry Now on-line newspaper website.