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Press Release

Graig LeBlanc, who currently serves as a Lieutenant with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office and assigned as an agent with the ATF Task Force, is announcing his candidacy for Chief of Police in Opelousas. LeBlanc has received overwhelming support from current and former law enforcement officials.

Residents and business owners alike have expressed fear and frustration as crime has taken the lives of loved ones and crippled our economic growth. The Opelousas community has asked for help, and LeBlanc is committed to providing it. With over 25 years of law enforcement experience, he has proven his dedication to help protect and serve the people of Opelousas.

LeBlanc has a clear vision for his role as Chief of Police. His vision includes …

Mentoring – A Police Chief can mentor both the youth and his officers. Clear, accurate, and relevant advice benefits not only the officer but the entire agency and city as well.

Mental Health – The ability to recognize, identify and evaluate mental health, its issues and problems, already exists. We must bring all resources to the table and come up with solutions, period.

Training – If you expect a professional police department, then training must be a top priority.  The entire city becomes more vulnerable with an overworked, undertrained police force.

Transparency – Transparency in an agency responsible for the very safety and protection of the citizenry and their property must be a fundamental quality. Honesty and hardwork is the duty of every officer and the people we protect and serve.

Community Policing – We must become and remain proactive in our policing. Properly done, it can be most instrumental in securing the public’s trust and assistance in combating crime through creative methods such as reinstating the Junior Police Program, enhancing the Reserve Officer Program, instituting the Police Athletic League, and instituting a Prayer Force Collaborative.

 Reducing Crime – Through mentoring, addressing mental health issues, having the officers and staff properly trained and being physically and emotionally fit, we WILL reduce crime.

 If elected, LeBlanc declares that his administration will actively solicit and encourage the cooperation of all citizens to reduce and limit the opportunities for crime, as well as to assist in bringing those who break the law to justice. He understands that no law enforcement agency can operate at its maximum potential without support from the citizens he serves. He intends to be an invested, active, and visible member of the community.

For more information about Graig “Twin LeBlanc, visit his website or Facebook page.