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BOBBY ARDOIN Editor/Consulting Writer

Appointed board members from Lawtell Water District No. 1 are scheduled to receive lessons in conducting public meetings from the St. Landry Parish Council legal advisor.

Council members on Wednesday night assigned legal advisor Garrett Duplechain to enlighten water district board appointees about their responsibilities as public officials, especially when regular meetings are convened.

Timothy LeJeune, whose Council election district includes the Water District, suggested that Duplechain attend board meetings in order to explain how public meetings should be conducted.

LeJeune, who spoke in a post-meeting interview, said he has been apprised of what LeJeune said are issues that have occurred during Water District Board meetings. 

“I have heard about complaints that have arisen about what has gone on at times during meetings,” said LeJeune.

During the meeting LeJeune told other Council members that having Duplechain speak with Water District board members will perhaps resolve any concerns that arise during meetings.

“I think it’s going to be a step in the right direction. If not, then maybe some further type of action will need to be taken,” LeJeune added.

Council member Ken Marks said Duplechain might want to consider composing a list of things that need to be done in order for public officials to conduct orderly meetings.

Harold Taylor, another Council member, said it will also be necessary to investigate whether the Water District board members have completed the mandatory ethics training which is required for each state elected and appointed official.

In a related matter the Council approved advertising for two appointments on the Lawtell Water District No. 1 for three-year terms beginning June 10. 

LeJeune said Lawtell Water District No. 1 includes an area that includes parts of Opelousas, Lawtell and Lewisburg.

The Water District also includes areas of Council Election District 1 represented by Jody White.

During the meeting White concurred with LeJeune about the need for providing assistance with public meeting requirements.

“The District has been having several small problems for a while. I think (the District) can start solving those problems this way,” White told the Council.


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