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Photo from the Past – Roger Family from Arnaudville, LA

Photograph: From the John Coffey Collection

Publisher and Contributing Writer

I received an email recently from John W. Coffey of Raleigh, NC. In the email he said he was a descendant of the Norton/Gardner/Capps families of Washington and has some photos and other items from that family. He sent two of the photos in the email.

Our photo from the past for today is one sent from Mr. Coffey’s collection, taken in the 1890s of this Arnaudville family that Mr. Coffey says are his grandmother’s “Louisiana Kin.” Although he does not know the names of everyone in the photograph, he was able to identify some of the people.

This is the caption John Coffey sent with the photo:
“The man seated at center is probably Louis Marcellus Roger (1843-1903). His brother Emile Clay Roger (1844-1908) stands at far left; Emile’s wife Anna Hinckley Roger (1845-1903) is at far right. The two young men in top hats are Frank Rogers (1873-1901) and George Roger (1874-1916), sons of Emile and Anna.  The identity of the other women are unknown, but it is likely that the woman seated to the right of Louis Marcellus is his wife Delia Abitha Hinckley Roger (1858-1930). The little girl might be Louis and Delia’s daughter Anna Melanie (1895-1897).”

Mr. Coffey would like to know the identity of the others in the picture.  If any of our readers know the names of the ones who are not identified, please email me at